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Which Military Branch Should I Join?

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When considering joining the United States military, it’s important to consider which branch best aligns with your interests, skills, and goals. Here’s an overview of the branches of the military and the pros and cons to help you answer the question, which military branch should I join? Army The Army is the oldest and largest

Federal Resume Writing: KSAs and Keywords

Federal Resume Writing

Writing a federal resume requires a structured and nuanced approach using precise stylistic guidelines and expected phrasing derived directly from vacancy postings. The use of keywords and phrases from the job listing to describe your knowledge, skills, and abilities is critical to ensuring that your federal resume makes it through the initial screening process and

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Top 5 Federal Resume Mistakes

Federal Resume Writing, Featured

Anyone familiar with the search for a federal job will at some point recognize the need for a targeted federal resume. The many ins and outs of federal resume writing can make the application process seem intimidating, but avoiding the following 5 common pitfalls can help position your federal resume for prime viewing by your